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Bachelor Parties Colombia – Weekend Getaways!



Don't waste your time trying to figure out where to go...

come and hang out with us in Colombia!

Bachelor Party Colombia is different. A weekend getaways for the single guy not looking for just another day on the golf course or at the pool, but rather are seeking to throw off the constraints of everyday life and blow off steam.  Each event is designed to entice the senses and stimulate deepest desires.

A typical bachelor party in Colombia is from Thursday to Monday. The partying starts the moment you arrive in Colombia and continues to the last possible minute you have to leave. Each event is perfectly planned out for the most enjoyment in a short time.

What to Expect

On your arrival in Colombia you will be met by your Bachelor Party Colombia contact and whisked off in private transportation to your hotel suite or apartment where after unpacking and freshening up you can unwind in the arrivals lounge, flirt with the girls and gear up for the first evening party.

Planned events include private parties, dance nights, visits to local discos, bars, night clubs and other hot night spots, massage parlors and spas, live shows and much more.

You don't have to be single to attend a Bachelor Party in Colombia, just be single while you are in Colombia!

A typical Colombia Bachelor Party includes everything. All you can eat and drink, all the women you can handle. We've planned out everything to the last detail. Cuban cigars, fine liquor, limos, games to break the ice, erotic shows and much, much more...are all part of the experience designed with your sexual needs in mind.

A Colombia Bachelor Party might suit you if the following things are high on your list of priorities:

  • Short weekend trip with little time to go prospecting.
  • A friendly and safe environment.
  • Guaranteed happiness.
  • No haggling over the price or dealing with requests after.
  • Girlfriend experience.
  • Good meals without having to take your chances at local restaurants.

Personal Attention!

Personal attention to every detail is the key. Our on the ground experience in Colombia assures you the safest and most enjoyable mini-vacation in Colombia.

Our staff is with you around the clock and as much or little as you need them. From the moment you arrive in Colombia, to the sad moment when you have to leave you are never alone. Unless you want to be.


The Women!

The women are handpicked and are personally invited; they are our friends and their friends. For your safety and security each woman in attendance has been screened - we have on file their identification and personal profile. The party location is private.

We typically average at least five women to every guy.


Private Accommodations!

You will stay in a fully hotel suite or fully equipped apartment (depending on the event location) where you will have all the comforts and necessities and privacy.

No sharing of rooms. Hotels chosen are friendly to us.

Small Groups

We limit the number of participants to seven (7) for each event. This is the maximum number that we can give our personal attention.

Alibi Service

Our Alibi Service can give you a sound and logical reason for your trip to Colombia. We provide the excuse while you party. We can even provide you with business receipts to back up any story. Read more...

All Inclusive!

When we say all-inclusive we mean it. You can literally come to Colombia with no money and be OK, for the only way you will spend any additional money is if you want to buy gifts or wander off on your own. And that is OK too!

At the core of every Colombia Bachelor Party is the following:

  • Premium private accommodations at friendly hotels” with air conditioning and wi/fi.
  • All drinks, food & entertainment.
  • Nightly parties, daily visits to the local spas and entertainment centres.
  • Private ground transportation (and airfare within the country for multi-city events).
  • Dedicated driver and guide and activities co-ordinator
  • Guided visits to night clubs, bars, etc.
  • Cellular telephone to stay in touch with business, family, friends, etc
  • Concierge services. What do you need? We will be there to assist.
  • Alibi Service. Click here for details.
  • Time on your own, with or without a guide, if you wish it.


Although we plan everything to last detail, each event is unique. Our planning is solid, but flexible enough to go with the flow of the group. We've done enough of these parties to be able to pull rabbits out of our hats! Ricardo (Rico) Santoro, Bachelor Party Colombia co-ordinator